What kind of The second person in Japanese?②


Interestingly (unfortunately) there are many second persons in Japan that you shouldn’t or shouldn’t use.

I said in previous article. should remember that It’s more polite words in order of 貴方(あなた) > 君(きみ) > お前(おまえ) !

Following sentence is introduction of the other way to call second person.

The other second person

1,お前さん (おまえさん:Omaesann)

Once upon a time in 1600’s~1800’s, This word is used by a wife to her husband.

This word give the familiarity impression.

It is often used in historical drama.


This word is a more gentle than お前.

It is a derived word from 貴方(あなた).

It is used more often by female than by male.

3,手前(てまえ or てめえ:Temae or Temee)

This word is a rougher word than お前.

Person who use this word are maybe angry with the opponent.

I think hardly case that is heard this word.

4,貴様 (きさま:Kisama)

This word give the impression is same as 手前.

Originally, Words used with respect for superiors.

But now it is rarely used that way.

When you watch fiction story. You will often hear these words!