Japanese language has three types!


Let’s understand Japanese language of types.

Learning Japanese is difficult. One of the reason is japanese language has three types!

These are ひらがな(Hiragana),カタカナ(Katakana) and 漢字(かんじ(Kanji)).

First step, Start to remember from ひらがな!

What is ひらがな?

ひらがな is a character drawn with a round curve.

ひらがな is based on Chinese Character.

If you remeber the pronunciation of ひらがな, Actually You can speak almost words!

What is カタカナ?

カタカナ is more sharply than ひらがな.

カタカナ is also used foreign words.

The pronunciation is as same as ひらがな.

for example:

アップル( pronunciation: Appuru, Meaning:Apple)

バス(Pronunciation: Basu, Meaning:Bus)

ライトセーバー (Pronunciation:Laito seibaa, Meaning:Light Saber)

クリスマスツリー(Pronunciation:Kurisumasu tsurii , Meaning:Christmas tree)

What is 漢字?

漢字(かんじ(Kanji)) is most difficult character.

the total number of ひらがな and カタカナ are 106 of each.

But, the total number of 漢字 is over thousands. Even the Japanese don’t remember everything.

Generally, Japanese can’t read and write kanji until they are 6 years old.

It is impossible to remember everything at the same time. Let’s study step by step!