What is Japanese usually greeting??①


Greeting is very important word in Japanese.

In Japan, Greeting has been treated very importantly.

Greeting is the first step in starting a conversation.

The greeting changes depending on the time when you say.

Morning greetings

Morning greeting is Good morning in English.

Good morning is “おはようございます(Ohayougozaimasu )” in Japanese.

And, more casual word is “おはよう”.

It is also used as a greeting when starting work.

Daytime greetings

Daytime greeting is Hello in English.

Hello is “こんにちは(Konnichiwa )” in Japanese.

Night greetings

Night greeting is good evening in English.

good evening is “こんばんは(Konbanwannwa)” in Japanese.

Sleeping time greetings

Sleeping time greeting is good night in English.

Good night is “おやすみなさい(Oyasuminasai )” in Japanese.

And, more casual word is “おやすみ(Oyasumi)”.

Farewell greetings

Farewell greeting is good bye in English.

Good bye is “さようなら(Sayounara)” in Japanese.